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Veterans Benefits.
Retirement Planning.

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Our associates can assist families throughout the Hoosier state.  They are knowledgeable, professional, and understanding.  I f you have questions about paying for long-term healthcare costs - home healthcare or aides, assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing care, call us and let us guide you through the process and complexities of locating and applying for benefits.  Our consultation is free.


Kevin Wedmore, President

Kevin has over 43 years of experience in helping families adjust to long-term  healthcare environments.  He is a nationally known speaker and author on issues related to senior care.  He is also recognized for his leadership in the area of retirement planning.  He had appeared nationwide on various radio and TV programs discussing the need for proper retirement and healthcare planning and is frequently asked to speak at conferences for the legal and financial professions.  He has trained hundreds of associates in issues related to these subjects.

Dave Montovonai, Senior Advocate

Dave works with families on issues related to VA and Medicaid planning.  He is also known for his expertise in the retirement planning area.  Dave has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.


Laurie Wedmore, Senior Advocate

Laurie coordinates the filing of VA and Medicaid claims as well as works with other associates on issues related to completing paperwork to complete the planning process.

Our Associates

Activities and Appearances

Our associates are available to speak to groups at senior care communities, service clubs and organizations, senior centers, etc. on issues related to paying for long-term care.  

Training and Education

Hoosier Senior Solutions provides CE training for healthcare professionals and social workers on an as needed basis.  We can schedule Lunch and Learn classes at hospitals, nursing homes, and more.  We also hold classes at our headquarters on a periodic basis.  Call us to learn more or to check for the next scheduled class.

Don’t let your loved one suffer the indignity of dying broke . . . we can help find resources to minimize their out-of-pocket expenditures for care.  Your legacy can be assured with proper planning  . . . Both legal and financial.  


Our free consultation will provide you with the information you need to determine what benefits exist to help pay for catastrophic healthcare expenses.

Caring for your loved one can be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting . . .whether you are caring for them at home or helping coordinate their care in a senior community.  We can help you formulate a plan for that care that includes making certain their legal and financial affairs are in order to minimize the amount of their savings they will be required to spend.


And, having a plan of action in case you aren’t available to provide that care will ensure that your loved one still receives the care they need.


Let us help relieve some of the stress and worry that comes with caring for an aging loved one.  Call us for a free consultation today.

(317) 546-5056